The Art of Approaching Women in 5 Simple Steps

Most men think that the art of approaching women is complicated and difficult to learn. However, a lot have been written about this art but, basically, the art of approaching women can be sum up in five (5) simple steps:

  • Approach with spontaneity. Being natural is the key. Be relaxed and do not fake your actions. Be spontaneous and act on the spur-of-the -moment. Women are turned off when men approach them and are obviously trying to impress them. You have to have a little aura of mystery around you but not too much so as not to turn them off.
  • Approach with subtlety. Be sensitive. Women love to be treated delicately and a guy who is refined in his ways will surely catch their interest. Be a gentleman by moving aside to open doors for a woman or by getting her drink refilled. These actions will surely capture any woman's interest and make you stand out in the crowd.
  • Approach with confidence. Be confident but do not overdo it so that your actions will not be mistaken for arrogance. Show confidence in yourself and in what you can do. Women are attracted to men who are sure of themselves and to whom they can depend on.
  • Approach with humor. Humor can really do wonders in many ways. You can approach women by telling jokes or a funny story about yourself that will put a smile on their faces and which will definitely earn you a slot beside the woman you are eyeing. Tell a joke or use some of the pick up lines you have read that will surely make women interested in you.
  • Approach with the right mind-set. Be positive. Having the right mind-set or attitude before you approach women will also generate the same positive attitude in return.

Whichever way you do it, women will react to you in the way you approach them. One very important thing about the art of approaching women is that you should not be afraid to make the first move to approach a woman or a group of women at all times. Whether you might be rejected or not, you should put that aside as a lesson learned.

Cool, Calm, Or Cowardly In Dating Women

Nothing makes a guy a bigger coward than being totally into a woman. You know those horribly awkward moments where you just want to say the most impressive thing that makes her laugh, or decide that she wants you, or gives her that final insight into what an awesome guy you really are? Those moments turn us into the biggest mushy little fluff balls ever, and it is all based on the how we regard women. Allow yourself a little freedom and even while you are quivering like a coward on the inside, you can be cool and calm on the outside.

Ditch the idea that you are the only guy in the world that will strike out and be alone, especially when you tell yourself you will be alone forever and grow old and die lonely. This sort of unrealistic self talk, which we all have been guilty of from time to time, doesn't get you anywhere. Believe it or not, your future doesn't hang on the interest or disinterest of any woman. Whether it's tonight or a night a year from now, there is a highly interested, attractive and intelligent woman out there who would like to get to know you, be with you, and create a few fantasies with you.

Women get nervous as well, they just deal with it differently. When a guy approaches a woman, she isn't nearly as calm and collected as she appears to be. But women seem to have a lot more cut throat competition in everything they do. Their friends will slip some of their most inspired relationships out from under them if given the chance. Thus, women have learned the art through a lot of trial, error, and quick learning of covering up their fears and creating the impression that everything is under control.

So, now we have two nervous individuals coming together pretending that everything is cool. Interesting scenario, don't you think? A little self laughter might break the ice. When we can laugh at ourselves, we seem more comfortable with ourselves, and we ease our own fears at the same time. It's human nature and it works wonders. Laughing at yourself means understanding that you might say or do something that is less than stellar. It means treating yourself with the same lack of judgment that you would treat the woman you're interested in. So what if you embarrassed yourself? It's only embarrassing if you allow it to be.

Not all women are worth your time. Of course, we can't tell whether or not there is any value to the potential until we open it up and examine it, which takes enough courage to approach her and open up a dialog. Some women will make judgments immediately based on appearance alone. Even if you're hot and you know it, who wants a women who can't see past your good looks and into the real man? Those women will give themselves away, either through rejection or flattery. Once rejected, you would serve yourself well to remember that judgment is ugly, so moving on is prudent. If she uses flattery regarding your physical appearance, the choice is then yours. I would dig a little deeper, and hope that she was just coming out with a lame pick up line of her own.

When women respond to us, we generally know that we can pick up the ball and run with it. When women don't respond to us, we really are not always convinced that we are capable of approaching a different woman. When she isn't interested, move on. When she isn't flattering or interesting or the type of woman you were hoping she was, move on. When she seems interested but you are hearing a lot of little red flag statements, like constant rambling about her last relationship, by all means move on and do it fast. There is nothing like a beautiful women still stuck in yesterday to make a guy feel incompetent and second class. Never, under any circumstances, get involved with a woman that still talks regularly about her last relationship. Nobody enjoys being the rebound guy.

Not all rejection is a bad thing. Sometimes women have a sixth sense that men are lacking that indicate that the potential for a partnership just isn't strong enough. Women are more likely to avoid a broken heart, and therefore are often trying to save everyone involved from feeling all broken up later on. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes just because you are attracted to her doesn't mean that it makes for a good match, and allowing her to skip the entire chapter is really a pretty big service for you. Don't forget that women have had school room sessions about everything pertinent to the situation since they were in the fifth grade, thus their knowledge base tends to run a little deeper than ours in some areas. Don't be intimidated or fill your head with doubts. Just move on.

It can be so easy to let your nerves come through. Being cool is often a game of getting comfortable with your discomfort. When you can understand that your discomfort is your own, that she is equally uncomfortable, and that your discomfort will pass you are more able to put it away and come across about as collected Timberland at a beach house. For crying out loud, if you can survive all that nonsense you pulled in your youth, you can survive being shot down by a woman. It doesn't need to impact your night.

Some guys like to play the law of averages. They will often take chances with numerous women in one night in order to find someone who finds them interesting. If you are simply looking for a one night stand, this might hold some potential for you. If you are looking for something a little deeper and a little more meaningful then you are going to want to be more selective.

This doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't practice the art of interesting women into a conversation with you. In many cases, practicing your opening line or lines in real life can give you a shot in the arm and build up your confidence. That way by the time you finally see the woman that you are interested in approaching her doesn't have to be an exercise in personal humiliation or risky business. Instead, it can be just an approach with class, style, and the invisible inside shakes.

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3 Tips on Attracting Women

As single guys, I would venture a guess that a lot of our time is figuring out ways to attract women. I mean let's face it guys, women are what makes our world go round. I spend a lot of time studying this particular field. So I decided that I would share three tips on attracting women. Try these and I am positive that you will be successful in attracting the women that catch your eye.

Tip # 1

Stop analyzing whether a woman or women like you or not by judging her indicators of interest.

OK guys, quit wasting your time trying to figure out whether she or they like you or not. You see while you are trying to figure that out, she has probably passed you by. Now I know that a lot of people will talk about the indicators of interest. These are just basic signs that she might be interested in you. These might be things such as touching her hair, looking into your eyes or touching you.

Stop looking for those IOI's (indicators of interest), because those can be faulty indicators. Some girls may not show them because they might be shy and others might show them just because they are flirty. You see you might miss out if she doesn't show you interest, but she is really interested in you. You are wasting your time by wondering if she is going to show you any signs of interest. What you are doing is analyzing the situation rather than just having fun and talking with the girl.

Tip # 2

Put on the mindset that says assume the attraction

This mindset says to every time assume that she like you whether she shows any indicators of interest or not. With this mindset, everything she does and everything she doesn't do is an indication that she is interested in you. What this mindset does is to train your brain to think and behave like a man that is confident from the inside out.

Understand that it makes no difference whether she is interested in you or not. The point is to take the stance that she is. The confidence that you will convey with this attitude may very well attract the woman that showed no interest in you to begin with. The fact that you have great confidence in yourself and great self-worth is very attractive to women.

Tip # 3

Your confidence begins in your mind

Remember that I stated that with the assume the attraction type of attitude, you are training your brain to think like a man that is confident. You see, your confidence comes from within. It begins with your thoughts. Since it begins with your thoughts, your have found something that you have control over. You and only you have control over your thoughts. As humans we let others control our thoughts, but you alone can control that also. Once your train yourself to control your own thoughts, your behaviors will automatically change also.

These are three tips on attracting women. If your choice is to be successful in attracting women, make it a point to adopt these tips as part of your strategies to attracting women.

How to Attract Women - The Top 5 Ways to Make Women Interested in You

Hey guys. Want to attract some great, attractive women? Let's do it! Here are the top 5 ways to impress and attract the women you want to be with--TODAY.

1. Remind yourself that you DESERVE good women. Because, in truth, EVERYONE deserves a great women! The best attitude you can carry around is this:

"I am a great guy. I am attractive. I DESERVE great, attractive women."

It's not being pompous--it's building your confidence and helping you to maneuver the jungle that is women! Unfortunately, men miss out on the great women they deserve because they believe they don't deserve a great gal.

I promise you: just adopting this positive mindset and removing the negative garbage, will CHANGE your dating success forever.

To reinforce this, here's the second guideline!

2. Don't put yourself down! Whether it's dating, careers, sports, or any other objective you have, you MUST believe in yourself. So filter out the negative garbage, and NEVER EVER, not even in a joking manner, talk to women about any negative attribute you THINK you have.

One of the great ways to do this is with TEASING, which shows YOU ARE IN CONTROL. If a tall model says you're short, put her in her place! Say something like, "Well, clearly your standards are a bit out of whack. I mean, you're a MODEL?! What agency was convinced of that??" I'm not saying to be a JERK, just to be in control. If a woman puts you down or tells you you're not "good enough", then guys: SHE'S NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!

Of course, you can joke about things. Be a positive source of laughter. If you're talking to a girl and yes, you are short, then say, "Hey, being short has its advantages. I mean, look at how much money I'm gonna save! When I have kids, we can borrow each other's clothes!" NEVER put yourself down, but do have fun. Which brings me to the third best way to impress women:

3. Be a constant source of fun and laughter! Hey, guys, this is crucial: WOMEN LOVE TO BE AROUND GUYS WHO MAKE THEM FEEL BETTER. Compliment them, tease them, make them laugh--whatever. But be a source of POSITIVE energy, not negative. Women HATE to be around guys who put themselves--AND OTHERS--down. So make them feel good about who they are and who YOU are. If you treat yourself as a great guy, chances are, women will, too!

4. Winning body language. Women judge men by the way they move and position themselves; it's part of their superior communication skills to know what a man is thinking or feeling based on his body language. So, position yourself in the right way: don't slouch, sit upright, gaze at her knowingly, lean into her to initiate intimacy.

You should also learn the do's and don'ts of great body language. In "How to Be Irresistible to Women," I've got a great pair of lessons on body language that will teach you the right ways--and the wrong ways--to project high status.

5. Use any female friends or acquaintances to make yourself NOTICEABLE. Guys, women NOTICE other women around men, no matter how they look. (In fact, nothing negates the importance of looks and beauty MORE than seeing good-looking women around a man, regardless of his looks.) Of course, the hotter the women are, the hotter you look, but even just having average-looking female company can only help attract them. The important thing is this: THAT THE WOMEN AROUND YOU ARE SEEN TO BE HAVING FUN!!

If the woman (or women) you're interested in see that other women are having fun in your presence, believe me, they'll be inclined to join the fun! In fact, a very simple pickup line is this: Go to the women you are interested in and say, "Hello, ladies. I notice you're over here, and we're over there having fun. Care to join us for a drink?" Don't be arrogant, don't be presumptuous. Just casually invite them over for a fun time. This works if it is done NATURALLY and EFFORTLESSLY. All you want them to do is join the conversation, right?

I hope this helps. It's only a start to showing women how impressive and attractive are, but if you remember to build yourself AND OTHERS up, then it will work, and you will attract women!

REVEALED! How to Get Women Interested in You

Don't you just despise those men who always know what to say to women and can get whoever they want? Why is it that they are so good at seducing women and you're not? This may surprise you, but most women are not attracted to looks and money. The most important aspects seduction comes from attitude, subconscious body language. I am going to teach you what this means and how you can make this work to your advantage.

Look Good

Being a handsome man is always a plus, but being able to dress like a sophisticated person is even more important. The reason for this is because your look says a lot about who you are. If you come in with an old pair of faded sweat pants and a T-shirt (unless it is the new style) your not going to impress anyone. Even an average or ugly guy can look presentable with a nice casual button shirt.

Dressing well increases confidence and helps you relax while you talk to women. This confidence shows in your mannerisms and speech. Always portray yourself as a value to anyone. This will help her realize that your worth her attention.

Create Mystery

A man that can make a girl think on her feet is always going to get plenty of interest. If you seem mysterious a girl will want to learn more. They want to figure you out in minutes. The truth is, women can figure out most guys before they even say a word. Your job is to prevent this.

You can do this by leaving her in suspense. Tell her something, but leave out an important detail. When she tells you she wants to know the rest of the story, tell her you can't say anymore and change the subject. women need to know what your doing and who you are. If you create some mystery she will want you.

Ten Simple Ways to Meet Lesbian & Bisexual Women

Many women have become comfortable with the fact that they are attracted to other women, but they often have no idea how to meet other women who feel the same attraction. It's perfectly understandable. Many of us have been married, have busy work lives and just haven't had the time to keep up on our social activities, let alone socializing with lesbian or bisexual women. Here are ten ways you can meet lesbian and bisexual women, both online and in the real world.

1. Online discussion forums and chat rooms for lesbians and bisexual women. Start searching google for lesbian social sites, discussion forums and activity groups. Take the time to post messages, get involved in the groups and join the live chats. If you see someone who piques your interest send her a polite private message to introduce yourself. Most of all, have fun and get involved. You'll share and learn knowledge in the process.

2. There are a number of lesbian dating sites online. Lesbian dating sites can be a great place to meet women who are looking for the same thing you are. Lesbian dating is big business online so if you're serious about wanting to meet someone then there are some things you can do to greatly improve your odds of successfully meeting the right woman online. Join several of the bigger dating sites. Write a profile and include a recent photo of yourself. Make yourself sound interesting. You can do it - tell them about your hobbies or interests. Keep it light and fun to invite responses. Don't just sit there and wait. Browse through the profiles and send a few friendly messages to let women know you're interested in them. Finally, don't stop too soon. It may take months to find your Ms. Right. Anything worthwhile is worth the wait, right? Give it a little time and you may just be successful.

3. Social networking sites have only been around a few years but they have quickly become a way to meet interesting people both locally and worldwide. Be careful of game players but there are thousands of potential friends just waiting to be found in these networks. Most social networking sites allow you to search by geographic location (and sexual orientation) to meet new friends in your area, or perhaps in areas where you'll be traveling.

4. Gay and lesbian bars can be a good way to get out and socialize with women who speak your language. Most larger cities and many smaller towns have gay and lesbian bars or hangouts where you can meet lesbian and bisexual women. If you're shy find a friend to go with you the first time, then get to know some folks so you don't have to go in alone. Do a little research before you go. Many of these bars and nightclubs have a web site where you can check to see when they have women's night, karaoke, shows, etc. Sometimes it's easier to show up when there is something of interest to you going on. My maternal instinct kicks in here so I should tell you to be careful of alcoholics and druggies but you can meet some nice people out at the bars and nightclubs.

5. Gay and lesbian social groups exist in many cities. A quick Google search might uncover a local Gay and Lesbian Center, Gay Straight Alliances at local colleges/universities or even a lesbian social group. Look for local lesbian mailing lists at Yahoo and similar services. Sometimes these groups have web sites or print publications where you can introduce yourself. The more you mingle and meet people, the more new people you will meet as you are introduced to friends of friends.

6. Lesbians love sporting activities whether they are playing or watching. Softball, volleyball and basketball are common lesbian interests. So is watching professional sports teams. Many communities have women's professional sports teams such as football or basketball. If you happen to show up you're bound to find lesbians both playing and watching. This is an especially useful tip if you happen to live in a smaller town where there are no openly gay and lesbian activities.

7. Church - yes churches can be a great way to meet lesbian women. If your community has a "welcoming congregation," that usually means the church welcomes gay and lesbian people. Metropolitan Community Churches, Unitarian Universalist Churches and The United Church of Christ among others are known to be welcoming churches. You're very likely to meet lesbian and bisexual women who never go to the bars. If you're looking for a committed relationship this might not be a bad place to meet suitable women.

8. Gay neighborhoods and business centers exist in many larger cities. Do a little research to find out if there are gay and lesbian neighborhoods in your area. If so, there are sure to be lesbian friendly coffee shops and hangouts in the neighborhood. You will often find LGBT businesses clustered together in a shopping mall, on a street or in a neighborhood.

9. Local gay publications usually contain personal ads, organizations, welcoming businesses, a calendar of upcoming events, concerts and news of interest to the local community. You can try a Google search for these publications or look at local gay and lesbian bars or businesses. They frequently stock LGBT publications for their customers.

10. Perhaps one of the most effective ways to meet lesbian and bisexual women is through friends. Don't ever discount the power of friends and networking. If you can only meet one or two lesbian or bisexual friends, that's enough to get started. It's great to have friends anyway, but they can introduce you to their lesbian and bisexual friends and before you know it you'll have a bunch of friends. With these new friends comes the opportunity to meet even more people, engage in fun activities with your new women friends such as hiking, sports, card games or whatever.

I have dedicated much of my life to helping other lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women work through their feelings and develop meaningful relationships. I sincerely hope something here can help make a difference in your life.

How To Make Women Interested In You

The title of this article is perhaps the most common thought in all full blooded single straight men. The question then is that how to make friends with women and get them interested in you.

The good news is that it is not at all difficult to make girls interested in you if you know how to. Attracting women is not the challenging part because there are methods that you can use and apply successfully. Here are some ways you can attract women and get the girls interested in you.

Firstly, you should know that when you make the attraction something that women want, you will be successful. So the simple logic is to make yourself wanted and therefore it make sense that you project the right style and image about yourself to make sure that women are interested in.

You can start off with your fashion sense. Dress differently from most other men so that you stand out from the crowd for women to take notice of you. Your dress sense doesn't have to be outrageous or being ridiculous. Simply dressing nicely with good fashion sense and being clean cut will do the trick most of the time. If need be, put on some accessories like a wrist band or a nice cap will add an extra flavor and which can also be your own personal signature. In other words, you want women to take notice of you.

This may surprise some of you, but women kind of like guys who are a little flirty and naughty. I am not saying that you should talk dirty. Talking dirty is a real turn off unless you already have very intimate relationship with the girls.

When you develop a flirty personality, you are actually sending signals to the girls that you are fun and exciting to be with. When you flirt, you are also telling the girl that you are interested in her subtlety without expressing so directly which may scare the girl away. This will attract the girl as long as you don't overdo it. To get a girl interested in you, you need to be secretive with your flirting such as innocently touching her forearm when talking to her will give you a leg up.

Just like having a flirty personality, you also need to have a fun loving personality. By displaying this fun characteristic, you are in effect telling her that being with you will be fun and will have many fun fill activities with you. This is because most guys are all tensed up and nervous when talking to girls for the first time and especially to the girls they like. Girls find that very boring and when they see someone that can be fun, such as yourself, they are magnetically drawn to you. So have fun and enjoy yourself when you are in the company of girls.

Just imagine what goes on in woman's head when some "nice guy", who is all tensed up and talk serious things with her? Yes, that's right, "boooooring!" So the simple trick to make women interested in you is to get them to notice you and then flirt a little while having fun with them and pretty soon, you will become a natural woman magnet.

How to Attract and Date Any Latino Women

Are you depressed in dating any Latino women and seem to have no luck with any? Dating women is easy than you might think if you know the correct method. In this article, I will show you how to attract and date any Latino women.

All women are emotional no matter where they come from. Keep in mind that women do not think like men, they don't get attracted to people visually but sensually instead. The most successful man surely know how to date and make girls attracted to him, they know how to arouse women interest and desire. Making women to like you by showing how rich or good looking you are is not the key that lead to a successful relationship.

Many men who are very successful with women were being rejected more than often. Having been rejected several times never makes him give up but struggling until he can make a woman accept him. In order to attract and date any Latino women, it is important that you know the right method to approach them otherwise it would ruin your relationship. First you need to understand their psychological need, men and women are different they don't think the same. Especially when it come to the subject of love, do not pitch them logically but emotionally instead. Remember women are more sensible than men if you can stimulate any of their sense then you get a better chance of winning her, it depends on the right timing and situation too.

Men usually understand the trick to make women fall in love with them instantly. The different between you and those men is that they have more confidence than you did, otherwise you won't be here reading this article looking for a way to attract a Latino woman. A man with high self esteem usually gets women attention more than a man who is shy. So 'confidence' is the real key to achieve with women. Women are emotional creature so you should not pitch a girl rationally. If you can arouse a woman sense to feel positively about you, then you would have a better chance of winning her.

Secrets to Attract Women - The Top 3 Secrets to Get More Women

It's a fact: Most single men are unhappy. The reason is simple: They don't meet enough women. But there are also happy guys out there - those who meet women often and often have sex with different women. And every one can become such a guy, because fortunately the ability to attract women doesn't depend on your looks, job, income or background.

So, what are the secrets those lucky guys know about? How can you attract more women?

Secret #1: Be social.

The idea behind it is that the more social you are, the more people you meet. The more people you meet, the higher the chance you meet women and will have sex with them. Spending all day in the gym may improve your looks, but it won't get you more women. Besides your social skills will get better every time you communicate with different people and you will do better next time you meet a beautiful girl. More important, one of the things women look for in a man is social status. If you are a person who talks with many different people (girls and guys) on parties and so on, your social status is high and women will automatically feel attracted to you. If you stand alone in a corner with a beer in your hand the whole evening and watch all the other people having fun, your social status is as low as it can be. So, go out regularly and interact with different people. Get to know people. Try to make a habit of it. If you don't know what to say, learn some openers like "Hi guys! I have a quick question for you - who lies more, men or women?" aso. Remember, nothing impresses a woman more than social status, the fact that other people (not only girls) like you, that you are popular (= social proof). Smile and laugh a lot, it will have a positive effect on the people you're talking to and it demonstrates confidence.

Secret #2: Be the Alpha Guy.

Women love dominant guys. Actually, dominance and self-confidence are the top qualities women look for in a man. And as about 90 % of the success of your approach depends on your body language, your tone and timing, you have to master those areas first. Only a strong and coherent body language can demonstrate confidence. Women are attracted to confidence as it indicates a high status. The alpha guy is a type of man who can demonstrate that he is successful and has women in his life. He is not needy like the nice guys women only rip off. The alpha guy always sets the tone, never looks for approval and always has a plan where to go and what to do. He never asks the woman "What would you like to do?" Don't be fooled, most women don't want a man who's asking them all the time on their wishes. They want a strong man who knows what he wants, tells them want they need - a leader who will take them for a ride. The alpha guy always has his own opinion on everything and never shows he's jealous.

Secret #3: Be interesting.

To quote the famous pickup artist Mystery: "In order to get a woman interested in you, you have to be interesting." Knowing interesting facts makes you interesting. But it's not enough, you have to develop a unique personality, your own point of view on anything. The reason for that is, it makes you stand out from the last 10 or even 100 guys the girl you're talking to hooked up with. Being interesting also means that you can demonstrate (a special) value - something not everyone can do. This doesn't mean that you have to play a greasy song on the guitar (but do so if you can). Read up on palm reading, dream interpretation or psycho tests and use it on your next date. Women love all kinds of tests and actually, you are interesting if you know about that stuff.

How Do You Interest Women and Keep Their Interest? How to Get Her Hooked and Keep Her Hooked

How do you interest women and keep their interest? This is a question many guys, whether just meeting women, or knowing them for a long time always desire to know. It can be very intimidating when you first meet women and you do not always know what to expect and what you are going to get. Knowing surefire methods to get and keep her interest can be of utmost importance in this situation.

Her interest when you first meet her

Let's look at the situation of the first time you meet a woman first. You have no idea what she is like. You have no idea what she loves or what she hates. You are really approaching her from a tough position. There is a lot of hope though. There are a large amount of standard things that women always love and appreciate. Unlike men who often mainly care about things like physical appearance, women go much deeper and mainly care about a man's personality. The bad part is you may truly be a "great guy" but if you do not project the correct traits she is looking for she will never be interested in you in a romantic way.

About her interest while in a relationship

Next we have the situation of the dating relationship. This is where men think they are "safe". This is the truth though. You are unlikely to have the nerves you had when you first approached her, so this is good. You can be more natural and yourself. The problem men make here is that they often forget that women still want to be kept interested excited and challenged. They will let their relationship fall into a rut and abandon many of the personality traits that attracted the women to them in the first place.

Get her interested and keep the woman interested

10 Top Places To Meet New Women

Many incredible women are around dreaming about the "right men". However, it's possible you cannot identify by the first glance. Don't worry. Finding these women require some ingeniousness, sometimes.

Of course at drinking bars and busy nightclubs you will bump into many of them. The only problem is those places are also crowded with men attempting to meet women. Too much siege normally makes women get defensive and crossing this barrier becomes something really challenging. Sure you can wrestle with other men for a woman's attention, but trying to meet a women somewhere else definitely would be a far more effective strategy. Increase your chances searching at places where, usually, you find more women than men.

1. Are you aware that many men absolutely hate woman's clothing stores? It's a nice hint of a place where you can find plenty of women and only few men. Take this shot, and you will find a great variety of women to pick from .You may begin a chat asking for guidance on buying a gift for your sister, or make a compliment on the nice articles she just bought.

2. Fitness Clubs are also places filled with new women to meet. The secret is to swap some of your iron pumping with aerobic training on the treadmills, or show up at a yoga class. Stick to some of these activities and you will raise your possibilities of meeting women while working out.

3. Another great opportunity to meet women is to join an adult education class. Various subjects are offered by colleges as night classes and all you need is just to pick one or two to increase your chances of meeting women. You will only need some attention to avoid male subjects - you don't expect to find many women taking car mechanic classes, do you? Pick something that attracts women interest, like pottery or cooking classes.

4. Internet is everyday more likely to be a nice place to meet nice women and the way you search can make all the difference. Placing personals ads or subscripting to an online dating website can be one handy and very effective way. Post an ad on a dating website to meet some women who match your expectations. There are far to many websites offering this kind of service on Internet, that it's nearly impossible you won't find a woman that fits on your profile.

5. Like the women's clothing stores, Hobby and crafts stores are good spots to be considered as searching sites. Women tend to enjoy arts and crafts, so you will probably find many of them at these places, purchasing tools and items for their hobbies. The main point here is that hobbies normally don't get great men interest, so there is a huge possibility to be only few men around at this kind of shop.

6. Other places not prone to have many men around are the tanning spas and beauty salons. On the other hand, those are places always full of women. If you get a crush on women who really put an effort to keep their good look, a salon is definitely a place you should go to. Get manicured will leave your hands nice and sound like a dream for this type of women. After all, it's not really usual to meet men who assume that keeping a good appearance is not only a matter of mere vanity.

7. Bookstores are a good place to go if your goal is to find someone having interests alike to yours. Don't speculate which subject attracts women's attention more. Just stick to the reading sections holding your personal interests and give notice to women walking by the shelves. You may get extremely surprised to realize there are many women interested on football, ocean fishing or old cars.

8. Sports events are a spectacular place to meet a great new women, although it sounds a bit paradoxical. Ok, we all know the regular audience of sports events are men. Even so, there are two good reasons that may drive you to look for women at those events. Firstly, if you are a sports fan, certainly, it will be great fun to meet someone who may share your passion with you. Secondly, you must be aware that women use the same strategy shown here to find men, meaning that women at a sports event may be looking for men, as well.

9. Spotting once more women's taste for arts, you should write down "theater" on your list of the greatest places to meet great new women. Men, normally, don't attend to plays on their own, however, women frequently do. Since a man watching a play alone is something unlikely to happen, your sole presence can make you more noticeable than the rest of the audience and call single women attention.

10. At last, if you are really keen to meet a beautiful new woman, maybe you should shop for food more often. Women are the bigger percentage of grocery store's costumers, so being one of the few men around can give you some advantage. Grocery stores also offer you a huge range of subjects to begin a conversation. Ask a woman for assistance to choose a pasta source or vegetables for a special salad, and it may wind up on an invitation for dinner.

Sure you will find plenty of available women at many of the bars and nightclubs however, the feasibility of meeting one is almost null. Women's behavior can get very contradictory at this sort of place since many of them, even eager to find a man, get a very defensive posture when besieged. Searching at places where women don't expect to be approached you make yourself more likely to meet women with their defenses down, making it easier to find someone with interests matching yours.

Six Pack Abs Women - 3 Warnings Before Starting

The following is a few cautionary notes women interested in obatining six pack abs must heed. While it would be a good thing to get a great six pack, you do not want to be the woman who would do anything to get one. Remember, be safe and you can safely have six pack abs.


This news could be a shock to some women who thought there would be no problems in getting a lean core. Some body fat is needed to balance bodily hormones. A woman's body is not advised to have less than 12% body fat. Focused training of your six pack may lead to hormone instability. A wise decision for women is to use a program designed specifically for six pack abs and women. Monitor your body at all times; a monthly visit to your OB/GYN is advised. Abdominal training can cause Amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is a medical condition where your menstrual cycle ends, and can eventually lead to infertility. Amenorrhea also causes stress fractures due to lowered bone density.


Women are more likely than men to be concerned with body image. Most see obtaining a lean washboard as a way to boost self-confidence. If women go through all the work of building six pack abs, only to be diagnosed with a medical condition, that confidence could be devastated. It would be advisable for women to consult with an expert before jumping feet first into a workout routine. When first starting, you should watch yourself to make sure you and your plan is compatible. Create a journal of how much you weigh, this helps prevent the occurrence of hormonal imbalance. Equate eating healthy foods with the will to workout. Immoderation of general fitness can lead to eating disorders rather than six pack abs.


Men and women have different bodies and have to work those bodies differently to get six pack abs. The feminine species is daintier and more emotionally aware. Women in most cases should be treated like men, with exception to tough and careful monitoring to prevent health problems. To get six pack abs, women need to weight train. Not to worry, it is not possible for women to pack on muscle like men; it is not how the female body works. Bodily chemistry for men and women are different, as a woman, no matter how much protein you eat, or training you do, you will not look like a female body builder. Steroids are how that is done. Women possess less testosterone and more estrogen which is counterproductive for developing six pack abs.

Why Russian Ladies Are More Datable Than Other Women

Some men think Russian ladies are more attractive than another other women on the planet, but this is something that is up for debate, depending on one's tastes in looks. At the same time, Russian ladies do offer a number of desirable traits that other women in your area may not. This is not to say that all women are unable to meet the qualities of a Russian woman, but they might not be exactly what you're looking for. Still on the fence about dating Russian women? Here are some the qualities that have drawn men to Russian ladies and Russian wives.

Highly Educated Women

One of the things many people don't realize about Russian women is that they are often more highly educated than other women. Many Russian ladies have their bachelor's degree, giving them a strong foundation from which to develop a career, if they choose. In addition, this means that most Russian women are able to converse about everyday events in an educated way. They are not going to be averse to talking about politics and philosophy, making them attractive companions, not just dates. They are wise and helpful in social situations where conversation is the main form of entertainment.

Interested in Family Life

Another attractive part of Russian ladies and dating them is that these women are often more interested in building a family than many American women. While American women are interested in families, they might want smaller families later in life, once their careers are established. For Russian women, family comes first and they want to have larger families, if possible. They want to create a secure family environment with a warm home of strong family values and morals. If you're interested in the same sort of family life, Russian women can be much more attractive.

Committed to Finding a Partner

In addition, if you're looking for Russian ladies online, you will find that you are going to talk with women who are looking for relationships, not flings, as many local women might want to find. You are going to find women from Russia are interested in long-term relationships, ending in marriage. They are committed to making relationships work and they are interested in creating a secure connection with their partner. This is very attractive to those men who are interested in creating a family and who are interested in finding stability in their relationships, not just in dating a bunch of women.

Russian ladies are often more highly valued than others since they are more mature, more educated, and more ready to become a part of a family, than to just have fun with men and not settle down. While not every Russian woman is the same way, if you're ready for family life, a Russian partner might be the best fit for your needs.

How to Get Younger Women Interested In You

If you are a middle-aged man reading this, you probably are quite interested in young women. But you also probably have realized that being able to attract women isn't really quite the same when compared to attracting older women. One thing to note is that young women lose interest really fast!

Being able to attract younger women is probably one of the skills that almost every man learns even up till he is on his deathbed, and that is why you seldom see men past the age of 30 with younger women. But luckily, attracting younger women is a skill that can be learnt, and this article will show you how to do it.

The first thing towards learning the skill of attracting younger women would be to understand a woman's basic needs. Men and women alike are usually driven by the same needs such as variety, safety and significance no matter which age group or culture they belong to. The thing to note here is that younger and older women seem to value different needs.

Younger women are usually a lot more adventurous as compared to older women, and this just means that their needs for variety and significance are much more as compared to safety security. Thus you would find that when you want to keep a young woman interested in you, you usually don't need to be really rich or attractive. All you need to do would be to generate a good amount of interest in her and she would remain attracted to you.

So how can you generate this amount of interest in her? One thing you can do is to keep her guessing. Younger women don't like to be able to predict what's going to happen in a relationship as this is equivalent to boring. They like to continue guessing whether you are really interested in her a not and so on. Plan some really great surprises for her, and you will do really well.

Then of course, the same usual things apply. You need to have your own life outside of dating her to show her that you are a man of value and a prize that is worth going after. Also, it really helps to have a mindset of abundance to prevent yourself coming across as being needy and needing her in order to survive, and by now probably everybody knows that neediness is a huge turn-off.

6 Places to Meet Cultured and Sophisticated Women

I want be honest here.

Meeting the right kind of woman is a difficult thing to do. While it's easy to walk into your local bar and pick up ANY woman, it's hard to find one who matches your personality and interests. This is especially true if you want to meet the cultured and sophisticated woman who doesn't spend her weekends getting drunk.

Consider this fact: If you want to find a sophisticated woman you have to places where she'll be.

Sounds easy right?

Well if you can't think of any places, then read below.

In this article, I give 6 examples of places where you can find a sophisticated woman.

1- Wine Tasting

A great place to find a refined woman is at a wine tasting event. Now if you enjoy tasting different wine and spending a pleasant afternoon in an outdoor environment, then this is a great place to meet women in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you're not familiar with wine tasting events, they are events organized by club or business as a way to get people to judge different wines while being able to meet different people.

What's great about wine-tasting events is you get to enjoy a fun hobby while mingling and engaging different people in conversation. Of course, the alcohol in your system makes it a lot easier to talk to women.

2- Libraries

Another *intellectual* place to meet women is at your local public or academic library. While some people go here strictly for research or work, you can still find a good number of women who like browse the stacks and look at different books.

As long as you locate a woman who isn't too preoccupied, you can initiate her in conversations without being too forward. Typically I like to mention something about the book she's looking at and then let the conversation from her.

3- Dinner Clubs

All over the country there are special organizations called dinner clubs. The focus of these groups is to bring compatible people based on age, interests and background for dinner and conversations.

What I like about dinner clubs is you get to meet a number of people (not just women) and make instant connections in laid back atmosphere. Furthermore, you can engage women in conversations without feeling the pressures of a date.

If you want to find a dinner club in your area, simply do a Google search and you should be able to find some interesting options.

4- Charity and Civic Events

A great place to meet sophisticated women is at a charity or civic event in your area. At these occasions you'll find lots of folks banded together for a common cause. But while you're there to help do good you can also use this opportunity to meet women.

What's great about charity vents is you can easily find women who are interested in making a difference in society. So obviously most of the women here have good hearts and would be great partners.

5- Museums and Art Galleries

If you like art and history, your local museum or art gallery provides a great opportunity to meet women in a cultured environment. Since most art galleries or museums have special events or displays, you'll have a constant supply of different women to approach.

The easiest technique to approach women is to find one who is looking at an art piece or display, then make a comment about it. From there you can quickly transition into a conversation about your interests and hobbies.

6- Martini Bars

If you like meeting women in a relaxed, but adult atmosphere, you check out your local martini bar. At these places, you'll find women who fit the 30+ years demographics. In other words, you probably won't encounter too many teenie-bopper girls.

What's great about martini bars is you can easily mingle and meet women who have a more *adult* like attitude, but still like to have fun and relax.

Locating women in your area is easy to do, but still have to know where to go to find ones who are cultured and sophisticated. If you make an effort and go to the six places I've described in this article, you'll find it's easy to meet interesting women can offer a more adult relationship.